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 Are you looking for a pure, all natural and organic approach to non-chemical and detergent free soaps?
Have you considered the benefits of Non-Toxic Organic Castile Soap?
Are you concerned with the Environmental concerns of toxic detergents and the destruction they are causing to our waterways?
Well the solution is as simple and pure as nature intended it to be.
Certified Organic Castile is a pure plant based, all natural, chemical free alternative that offers biodegradable ingredients that will not harm our bodies or our environment. Safe and gentle enough to use on children this unique blend can also be used to do laundry or any all-purpose cleansing.
Used full strength or diluted for more mild applications Organic Castile Soap is a great alternative to harsh detergents and sulphates, offering concerned consumers a healthy and Eco-Friendly approach to personal hygiene.
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Three new Organic Spa Alternatives to harsh detergents.

Did you know? 
Humans use several million tons of toxic surfactants a year on a global scale. This results in billions of kilos of contaminants entering our water ways, negatively impacting our environment. 
Phosphate Nutrient Loading 
Detergents high in phosphates and nitrogen stimulate extensive algae growth. The algae blooms use up the oxygen in the water depleting the oxygen levels required by our aquatic life for survival. 
Due to oxygen depletion our fragile aquatic ecosystem has the life “chocked out” of it and eventually slowly dies. 
Toxicity Overload 
Toxic chemicals breakdown the protective mucus layer that coats the fish. This layer is essential for fish to survive the deadly effects of parasites and bacteria. 
To add further concerns, these toxic detergents accelerate the absorption of toxic pesticides, phenols and other pollutants to our aquatic life and eventually to humans. Resulting in the disruption of the endocrine system in humans and animals. It has also been noted that toxic detergents dramatically decrease the breeding rates in our aquatic organisms. Not only does it affect our aquatic life, it also gives concern of traces of toxins escaping the water filtration systems with the possibility of trace ingredients making it back into our taps and eventually being consumed by humans. 
Regular use of products containing toxic agents can and will affect human health. 
Using cleaner products with ethical environmental integrity is only one solution to the devastating impact detergents have caused to our environment. 
Non-re-usable or non-recyclable packing ends up in our land fills. This has caused an enormous environmental concern. Consumers demanding Eco-friendly packaging helps insure a cleaner, safer and more respectful approach to humans living harmoniously with nature while respecting the fragile balancing act between a positive Eco- friendly world and a toxic wasteland.