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NIKO Tremella Potency-5 is a good alternate replacement for the ICU KIT. Click here for more details.


This top selling eye kit combines the firming of the I.C.U Eye Firming Gel, with the calming, nourishing effects of the I.C.U Eye Soothing Cream. For best results we recommend you use your I.C.U Kit in the morning on clean skin.
Directions: Apply 1 small drop of the I.C.U Eye Firming Gel around the lower contour of the eye. Follow with 1 drop of the I.C.U Eye Soothing Cream over the I.C.U Eye Firming Gel. Repeat for the other eye. Avoid proximity to the eye edge.
Results: This unique formulation of hyaluronic acid effictively introduces moisture to skin, resulting in a smoother and younger looking eye.
ICU Kit comes packaged with the Eye Firming Gel and Eye Soothing Cream.